Construction Material Shop

Ms. V. returned to Georgia in summer 2011. With the reintegration assistance grant, she opened a construction material shop. Her shop is quite successful and Ms. V.'s income has increased steadily since she launched her business. Ms. V. is satisfied with her current situation.

Music Business

M. G. returned to Georgia in the summer of 2012. He had already worked for a traditional music group before. Upon his return, he decided to invest his reintegration assistance in traditional clothes and instruments. Now, he works again for the music group and also does solo performances at events and in restaurants to earn some extra money.

Bee Farming

This young man returned to Georgia in 2011 where he started a honey production.

Animal Farm for Dairy Production

Mr. G. voluntarily returned to Georgia in spring 2012. After his return, he used the reintegration assistance grant to buy cows for the expansion of his dairy farm. One year after his return, Mr. G. was very happy as four new calves had been added to his livestock. The project is successful and provides Mr. G. with a steady income.

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