Sewing Shop

Mr. R. returned voluntarily to Sri Lanka in at the beginning of 2017. As he already had experience as sewer, he planned on using the reintegration for the set-up of a sewing store. With the income from his shop he can support himself and is able to employ two persons.  

Agricultural Project

Mr. I. returned to Sri Lanka in 2011. He has used the reintegration assistance to buy tools and a tractor. Now he is running his own agricultural business. Mr. I. has one employee and with his income he can pay for his son's university studies.

Sound and Light Equipment

In spring 2012, Mr. J. returned to Sri Lanka.  After his return, he opened a shop for the rental of sound and light equipment for special events like parties, weddings, anniversaries. etc. The business is successful and Mr. J. can support his family and has even been able to hire an additional employee.

Taxi Business

Mr. B. returned to Sri Lanka in 2012. He is a professional driver with 30 years of experience. He invested his reintegration assistance in a a second-hand car which he uses for his profession as a taxi driver. He also works as a truck driver for a distribution company, and earns his income from both these activities.

Hardware store

After returning to Sri Lanka in 2012, Mr. K. set up a hardware store with his reintegration assistance. Within 3 months the business was up and running. At present, he earns good income from a successful business which allows him to earn a livelihood.