Sheep farming business

At the beginning of 2016, Mr H. decided to return voluntarily to Iraq. With the reintegration assistance he bought 22 sheeps to create a sheep farming.


Mr. M. returned to Iraq in 2017, together with his wife. Before he left his home country, he owned a hair salon and worked there for many years. Together with his return counsellor he decided to use his reintegration assistance for a so-called 'job-placement'. He found a place to work as a hairdresser and could sign a contract that guaranteed his employment for at least 12 months. He is satisfied with his situation and wishes to have his own hair salon again at some point in the future.

Mobile Phone Shop

Mr. M. returned to Iraq in 2017. Back in Switzerland he developed a reintegration plan to become business partner in a shop selling mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and tools and stationary items. He is able to support himself with the income the shop is generating and he is satisfied with his situation. For the future he plans to expand his existing business and to continue further education.


Mr. E. returned to Iraq in 2016. After his return he opened a minimarket as he had some previous experience in this area. The business is now running and provides Mr. E. and his family with a small income. In his opinion he now lives in a better condition than when he left his homecountry because at that time he didn't have a job and was very insecure about his future plans.


Mr. M. returned to Iraq in 2017. Before his return he planned to use his reintegration grant for renting a house. Aftre his return he found a job as a taxi driver and decided to use a part of the reintegretion grant for job placement. He is satisfied with his situation "since now I have a good source of income through the job placement I established and have an accommodation, I feel like I live in a better living condition."


Mr. H. returned to Iraq in 2017. In Switzerland he developed a businessplan to start a carpentry business as he had already experience in this area. After setting up this business he is is now earning an income that allows him to provide for 5 persons. Additionally he can employ 1 person at his business.


Mr. M. returned to Iraq in 2016. He decided to set up a minimarket as he already had some experience in running a small grocery store. With the income from the market he can cover his daily expenses and he is happy with the decision to return.

Car Tyre Shop

Mr. Y. returned to Iraq in 2017. He decided to invest his reintegration assistance into a business for the sale of car tyres. Meanwhile he earns money from the business and is able to cover his daily expenses.


Mr. N. returned to Iraq in 2016. As he had gained some experience as a pizzaiolo in Switzerland, he decided to open a pizzeria with his reintegration assistance. Meanwhile the pizzeria is open and he can even employ other persons.

Grocery Store

Mr. H. returned to Iraq and opened a grocery store. He rented an adequate shop and had his goods delivered.

Fruits and Vegetables Stand

Mr. M. returned voluntarily to Iraq in early 2016. He decided to open a fruits and vegetables stand in a market in Iraq. He was fully satisfied with the reintegration assistance that he received.

Clothes Shop

Mr. H returned voluntarily to Iraq in summer 2016. He decided to run a clothes shop in partnership with a friend of him.

Tyres Retailing

Mr. M. returned to Iraq, in April 2016. He entered in partnership with an acquaintance to run a car tyres retailing shop. The performance of the shop is positive, and they can earn money from it.

Sheep Farming

Mr. T. returned to Iraq in May 2016. He started a sheep farming activity upon return. He lives from the earnings that his business generates with, and looks forward fr expanding his livestock.

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