Taxi business

Mr. Y. returned to Iran in 2018. He decided to set up a taxi business with the reintegration assistance. He is now financially independent. However, he mentioned that it was not easy to reintegrate after having been outside of the country for several years. 


Mr. A. returned to Iran in 2016. He decided to buy arable land with his reintegration assistance to grow flowers. He is now waiting for the first harvest to sell the flowers on the market.

Engine Oil Shop

Mr. Q. returned to Iran in 2016. After his return he became partner in an existing engine oil shop. That way he could profit from a well-developped customer base and avoid the administrative process of receiving a business license. Meanwhile he can support himself and his family with his share of the business profits. 

Transportation of Goods

Mr. R. returned to Iran in 2017. Thanks to the reintegration support, he purchased a pick-up and found a job at a large grocery store. He now works as a goods carrier.

Hardware Store

In late 2012, Mr. M. returned to Iran. He invested his reintegration assistance grant into the opening of a hardware store. Mr. M. manages the shop together with a business partner and he earns a stable income from it.

Housing Project

Mr. D. returned to Iran in 2012.With the money from his reintegration assistance grant, he could buy essential furniture for his apartment. Even though he found it difficult to find gainful employment, he is very satisfied with his current situation and does not plan to leave his place of residence again.

Car Spare Parts

Mr.R. returned to Iran in 2016. He used his grants to open a car spare parts business in partnership with some friends, because he had an extensive experience in this area. Even though the local competition is important, he is happy with his decision of return.

Sewing Shop

Mr. D. returned to Iran in December 2016. After his return, he decided to change open sewing shop in partnership with an acquaintance. They share the infrastructure, expenses and profit from the shop.

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