Clothing Shop

Mrs. D and her son returned to Senegal in April 2012. Thanks to the reintegration assistance, she opened a clothing store in Dakar which brings her enough income to financially support her family.

Building a House

Mr. D. returned to Senegal in March 2012. His family had some land and he decided to build a house there.

Tools Shop

Mr. C. returned to Senegal in January 2012. He opened a shop for tools, paint and construction material with the reintegration assistance.

Tires and Spare Parts

A young man returned Dakar in 2011 where he opened a shop for tires and spare parts.

Milk Production

Mr. K. returned to Senegal in 2011. Wit the reintegration assistance, he bought several cows for milk production.

Chicken Farm

The returnee, Mr. N., was granted reintegration assistance by FOM as well as by SSI. With the first instalment of the reintegration assistance, he has purchased 1700 small chicken, veterinary supplies, chicken fudder as well as needed items for constructing a small chicken farm in his home village.

Shop and Fishing

Returnee opened up a small cosmetic shop in Fass Mbao, Dakar, which he runs together with his wife. He has also invested a part of the reintegration assistance in the purchase of a fishing net, since he already used to be a fisherman before leaving his country.

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