Beverage Store

Ms A. returned to Nigeria in Summer 2016. After her return she decided to open a beverage store. With the reintegration grant she was able to pay for the rent of the shop and purchase equipment and merchandise. Although the store only slowly generated an income she was happy with her situation: „THE PROGRAM IS GOOD; I THANK IOM/SEM FOR GIVING MY LIFE A NEW BEGINNING.“

Cosmetic Shop

Mr. E. returned to Nigeria in February 2012. Before returning to Abia State, he already had the idea to open a cosmetic shop. Upon return, IOM Lagos assisted him with the implementation of his business.

Provision Store

Mr. A. returned to Lagos in February 2011 and decided to set-up a provision store in Lagos. He considers the reintegration assistance granted by the Swiss government as very helpful for his reintegration. Moreover, he is very satisfied with the assistance given by IOM for the business set-up. He also benefitted from the participation in a business training workshop.

Grocery Shop

This man returned to Lagos in 2012 where he opend a grocery shop.


Mr. E. returned in April 2011 to Nigeria and first started to sell timber. As this business did not generate the expected income, he changed his project and started a fish farm. The fish will then be sold on the market.

Sale of Motor Spare Parts

As Mr. I. already had experience in the sale of motor spare parts, he decided to go back to his business upon return to Nigeria. He opened a shop in Lagos and employed one person to assist him.

Sale of Textiles and Wrappers

In 2010, Mr. E. decided to return to Nigeria and take the opportunity of starting a new business. He opted for the sale of textiles (wrappers) and is happy with the progress in businss so far.


Mr. M. opened a bar/restaurant after his return to Nigeria. He is very happy about his business and employs several persons.

Poultry farm

Mr. O. returned to Nigeria in October 2016. He decided to make his living with stock breeding. Thus, he bought a number of chicken for a poultry farm in Ebonyi and could already hire an employee. He is very satisfied with his business, though he mentioned that it will take some time until he can generate a regular income from his poultry farm. Apart from the poultry farm, Mr. O opened a small ready-to-wear shop.

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