Transport Service

In April 2017 Mr. L. returned to Guinea. With his reintegration assistance he decided to start a transport business. He bought therefore three motorbikes with the money of the reintegration assistance. 

Grocery Store

Mr. D. returned to Guinea in 2017. After his return he decided to use his reintegration assistance to open a grocery store in his neighbourhood. Meanwhile the shop is operational and provides him with an income to cover his and his family's daily needs.

Rice Retail

This young man from Guinea returned in 2011 and became a partner at his brother's rice retail shop in the province of Faranah.


Mr. E returned voluntarily to Guinea in summer 2015. With the reintegration assistance grant, he opened a small restaurant (pizzeria) in the city of LabĂ©. He used his long experience in the restaurant industry to secure customer loyalty.

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