Shoe Sales

Mr. M. returned to Ghana in winter 2016. With the reintegration grant he received he opened a shoe sales business. His business turned out to be very successful and he is now able to sell 200-500 pairs of shoes per week including export to South Africa. He employs one person and earns enough to support himself and two other persons.

Grocery Store

Mr. K. returned to Ghana in spring 2013. After his return, he used the reintegration assistance grant to open a grocery shop. Mr. K. is earning a regular income with his shop and wishes to further expand his business activities in the future.

Clothes Shop

Mr. M. voluntarily returned to Ghana in spring 2013. Before leaving Switzerland, he thought about opening a small grocery story after his return. After his arrival in Ghana and after having studied the demand for such products in his home town, he decided to open a clothes store instead. With the reintegration assistance grant, Mr. M. purchased a first stock of clothes for his store.

Cosmetics Shop

In the year 2013, Mrs. D. decided to return voluntarily to Ghana. After her return, she used the reintegration assistance grant to open a shop selling cosmetic products.

Grocery store

After his return to Accra (Ghana) in 2016, Mr. E, opened a small grocery store which meanwhile generates a regular income to him and his family. He now hopes that he can expand his business.