Sheep Farming

Mr. H. returned to Chad in spring 2012. His brother was already running a cattle breeding business there and Mr. H. thus decided to enter into a business partnership with him. With the reintegration assistance grant, he purchased several sheep to expand the cattle breeding business.

Grocery Store

Mr I. and Mr. A. returned to Chad in February 2012. They decided to join their forces and open a shop in the region of Wadai as business partners. They rented a shop and purchased a basic stock of goods in May and prepared a partnership contract. Mr. I. and Mr. A. sell vegetable oil, sugar, flavor, rice, and soap.

Cattle Breeding

Mr. A. decided to return voluntarily to Chad in April 2012 in order to restart his activity as a cattleman. He purchased 3 oxen and  12 cows and settled in the southeast of N’Djamena.

Grocery Shop

Mr. A returned to Chad in March 2012. With the reintegration assistance, he opened a grocery shop.