Construction Material Shop

Mr. S. returned to Burkina Faso in spring 2014. After his return, he opened a small shop for the sale of construction material. With the reintegration assistance grant, he could purchase a first stock of goods to sell in his new store.

Sewing Studio

In the year 2013, Mr. M. opted for a voluntary return from Switzerland to Burkina Faso. He already had several years of working experience as a tailor, and therefore decided to open a small sewing studio in the country's capital upon his return. Mr. M.'s business is generating a revenu, and Mr. M. hopes that his business activities and thus his revenues will increase in the years to come.

Cattle Breeding

Mr. B. voluntarily returned to Burkina Faso in summer 2014. He wished to work as a famer and therefore used the reintegration assistance grant to buy some cows. In addition, to supplement his income, he opened a small clothes shop in his home town.